Building Your Business One Referral at a Time

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OMR Launches New Website

OMR is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website that provides many new and enhanced features for both its members and the public.

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OMR Membership Benefits

"building your business one referral at a time"

One More Referral is a Unique Business Network.
Our membership includes experienced professionals and business owners interested in expanding their businesses.  Our core philosophy is based on relationship building among other business professionals and marketing to generate referrals.

What is One More Referral?
One More Referral is a community of experienced business professionals.

  1. OMR helps business professionals develop new relationships to build trust for referral business.
  2. OMR members become a part of a unique community of entrepreneurial professionals.
  3. OMR members develop lasting relationships with other professionals in related fields.
  4. OMR chapters partner with community service organizations to give back to their communities.

The Benefits of Membership
One More Referral challenges you to find another network that provides the benefits we offer…

Professional Networking & Schmoozes.  OMR introduces you to professionals who are interested in developing referral sources.  Our primary objective is to help you network one-on-one with other professionals in your local community and beyond.  We organize and promote networking meetings and events so that our members have a regular place to meet with their referral sources.

Continuing Education & Events.  OMR maintains an up-to-date calendar and schedule of continuing education courses, seminars, and events in the local community to assist in building a business professionals business and the opportunity to network with other professionals.

  • Business Development Series
  • Getting to Know the Community
  • Golf Links
  • Spare Links

Marketing Resources.  OMR offers members the opportunity to market their products and services at each of the chapter meetings, at the business development series, sponsoring events or through our online profiles and member discount programs.

Member Referral Exchange.  Need a service??  OMR’s member online referral network allows members to find services from our OMR community and to refer them to their customers and clients.  It is our way of bringing our professionals together.

Member Profiles & Member Discount Program.  As a member of OMR, members have the opportunity to market themselves and their services to other OMR members and potentially outside consumers through their member profiles and member discount program.

Community Service Partners.  OMR gives our members the opportunity to get involved with our community through our chapter Community Service Partners.  The exposure that these partnerships speaks numbers to the need in the community for businesses and non-profits to work together to get the message out about the services and opportunities to increase business and relationships.

About our Members.  OMR is about energetic business professionals that have an interest in growing their business.  Our members include business executives, business owners, business professionals that services a business, and direct marketing professionals.

Where our Members are Located.  OMR members are local business professionals looking to grow their business locally, regionally, and/or nationally.

Good Relationships Produce Business.  Our innovative organization fosters the development of business relationships among other business professionals.

Every new member that joins One More Referral adds VALUE and OPPORTUNITY